Puber-Tea Testimonials, October 2017

October 27, 2017
Leslie Dixon

“[Our educator] was amazing! She was gentle, clear, realistic, and fun! This was a great session!” — Lucy F. 

“Very helpful! Very good bonding experience for me and my daughter. It encouraged her to be confident and knowledgeable about becoming a young woman.” – A Puber-Tea Mom

“Very informative and a great introduction to the changes she will experience in a positive environment.” — Reid C.

“A wonderful learning experience and super comfortable.” — A Puber-Tea Mom

“Very interesting and informative! Such a great way to share this information with my daughter! Thank you.” — A Puber-Tea Mom

“Very helpful. The subject matter was presented well and in a gentle way. [Our educator] was wonderful!” — Keri D.

“Helpful. It was appropriate material being delivered in an appropriate and informative manner. Hoping it will open up conversations with my daughter. Thank you!” — A Puber-Tea Mom

“A great fun group experience that eliminated all the scary unkonwns. So glad my daughter will be prepared.” — A Puber-Tea Mom

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