Puber-Tea Testimonials, April 2016

April 10, 2016
Leslie Dixon

“The experience of taking Puber-Tea with my daughter was to know that she received the important information about puberty that I did not receive myself.” – Carolyn

“A very positive experience. I feel more confident to help my daughter to go through puberty and period.” – Jenny Leone

“Great! It was a great bonding experience.” – Ipsita Kohli

“Priceless. It made the overwhelming task of explaining puberty to Kaitlyn easy, refreshing and fun. I’m so happy to give her this head start.” – a mom in Trabuco Canyon

“Very educational. I learned a lot myself. Leslie really made this lesson filled with fun. At least my Zoe had lots of laughs besides learning. Zoe said now she is less scared!” – a mom in Mission Viejo

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