Parenting Tips to Nurture Your Teenage Kids

May 17, 2016
Leslie Dixon

parenting tips nurture teenage kidsFor many parents the teen years bring a sense of detachment. These parents feel that now that their teens have entered middle or high school that what more can they do other than prepare them for getting into a college?

In reality, the middle and high school years are the most important years to be an integral part of your child’s life. They are walking that fine line between childhood and adulthood, and it’s filled with a combination of anticipation and fears.

They are facing greater risks and consequences and they have very immature brains, not cooked enough to make the decisions that teen hood often asks of them.

This article from Sam Cohen for The Huffington Post touches on this idea and offers some useful tips for parents of teens. Please read the excerpt below, then click the link provided for the full text. 

Decide a game plan beforehand: Every family has their own rules and regulations. It is the duty of the parents to convey their family values to their kids. You need to start planning for the same when you still have time in hand. Childhood is the best time to row the seeds of value inside your kids. Tell them short stories with good moral. Start giving them small responsibilities, like dumping trash inside the bin or keep toys back in the baskets after play time. This way they will develop as a responsible teens and will already have their own values as a teenager.

Do not always think negative: Whenever children touch the teenage milestone, parent start thinking negative in many ways. Parents think that these kinds don’t belong to them anymore. If they don’t agree about anything with them, parents think that they have become rebel. Do not think so much. It is a fact that you have a generation gap with them and they have built their own thinking process by this time. All these things don’t indicate that your children have become rebels. Instead try to stay positive and be happy that your kids now are able to take their own responsibilities and take their own decisions. 

Make friends with their friends: Friends are biggest influence in teenage. Teenagers turn to their friends for everything. So it is a great idea to know the association of your teenage kids in a better way. Invite their friends over meals and behave like a friend with them. If they like you they will share their thoughts with you. It will help you to track your kid’s whereabouts. It is a very easy process, isn’t it?

Please click here for the full article.

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