Puber-Tea Testimonials, October 2016

October 23, 2016
Leslie Dixon
“The experience of taking Puber-Tea with my daughter was to open a dialogue so that both of us are comfortable to talk about it and share a special moment with each other.” — A mom
“Very helpful, informative, and fun. Lots of great info.” — A mom
“Very informative and a comfortable way for my daughter to learn about the process of becoming a woman.” — Carmen Gassman
“Enlightening and educational for both of us. I appreciate Kerri and her ability to connect and make the subject ‘fun’ and interesting.” — Janet Yee
“Sharing the importance of learning about your body and celebrating becoming an educated and responsible woman.” — Anastasia Figueroa
“Very informative. We learned a whole lot. Everything was covered and age appropriate. Thank you.” — Carrie and Emily

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