Rage Against the Minivan visits Puber-Tea

December 15, 2016
Leslie Dixon

Kristen Howerton, the woman behind Rage Against The Minivan, recently attended a Puber-Tea class with one of her daughters, and we’re delighted that she wrote about the experience on her website. Here’s an excerpt from her piece, and we hope you’ll click the provided link to read the full article!

The case for taking your kids to a sex-ed class to supplement their learning 

After nearly a decade of sitting in the therapist office as a marriage and family counselor, I’m pretty comfortable talking about sex. And I’m pretty comfortable talking to my kids about sex as well. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are comfortable talking about it, too. We have frank and open conversations in our house about all things human sexuality, from puberty to consent. But the kids are still very squirmy about it . . . and often try to cut the conversation short.

There is an organization in Orange County called Birds and Bees Connection that exists to help parents in having these conversations with their kids. hey have classes for all ages and genders, including a series on sex.

My daughter and I are took a puberty class with Birds and Bees Connection on Saturday morning. She was initially NOT THRILLED but Leslie Dixon, the teacher and founder, was so dynamic that she ended up having a lot of fun with the other girls.

Please click here for the rest of Kristen’s article!

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