Rites of Passage

January 3, 2017
Leslie Dixon

rites passage birds beesMany parents feel that as long as they take one of our first classes, Puber-Tea or Guy Talk, they are totally set for puberty and adolescence. Some parents believe all their kids need are the basics and that that should tide them over until they reach adulthood.

Many parents tend to rely on school to be the primary sex and puberty educator and keep their fingers crossed that their child won’t come home with lots of questions. But if they aren’t going to their parents for answers, where are they going? Probably the same place most parents went: their peers. And if children don’t get their questions answered by parents or peers, they will most likely go to the internet (bad decision).

I’m finding that, for the most part, young people are terribly misinformed about the basics of puberty and how their reproductive systems work. Unfortunately, many parents are ill equipped to have the open, honest conversations young people must have in this highly technological society. So therein lies the dilemma.

Examples of real-life situations some of our parents have recently experienced:

  • 4th grade girls who access online video about oral sex
  • 6th grade boy who wanted to know about the different sexual positions
  • 5th grade boy who wanted to know about the different types of sex
  • 6th grade girl who thinks she is pregnant if she missed her period one month
  • 5th grade boys wanting to know about condoms
  • 6th grade boy trying to wrap his brain around accessing pornography

It’s time to get over our fears and dread about broaching this topic with kids and make sure our children are adequately educated. That doesn’t mean relying on the school to do it, because in most cases it might not happen until seventh grade, and by then it may be too late.

Our Rites of Passage course (for 5th and 6th graders) is an ideal way for parents to take charge of where their children are getting information about sex and their bodies, what information is being disclosed and how it’s being delivered. It is an empowering course that gives parents the information and tools they need to become their children’s primary sex educators, alleviates the awkwardness of having “the talk,” and opens a channel of communication that can remain open throughout adolescence.

Make time! Take Action! Be Brave! Take Rites of Passage with your tween, and you won’t be disappointed.

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