The course was lovely!

December 5, 2015
Leslie Dixon

The educator was lovely, non-threatening and from the beginning created a safe environment where the mothers and daughters felt comfortable and safe. She immediately put the girls at ease by going around the room and have the girls share little bit about themselves.

Since the group of girls were bright and inquisitive the educator did an excellent job of validating the girl which helped them feel confident asking questions. I felt the evolution of how the material was presented was very important to the overall comfort of the girls. By starting with the basics and ending with menstruation the girls were totally comfortable when it came to discussing menstruation.

I feel the educator was matter-of–fact and generous with her time and never rushed the process so the girls felt at ease. When I spoke to several of the mothers they all felt the course was a wonderful experience which now opens the door to further conversation with their daughters.

Sincerely, Carley (Huntington Beach)

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