I loved the matter-of-fact approach… both entertaining and purposeful.

December 7, 2015
Leslie Dixon

Noel was SO GREAT! I have had at least 5 moms make a special phone call to me over the last week of how they thought the night was so needed, delivered so well, and how amazing their girls took in everything. Noel handled a few tough comments by a girl. (she knows which one) and I was thoroughly impressed with how she handled this girl.

I loved the matter-of-fact approach that she had which kept all the giggly opportunities completely out of the night. In fact, because of her approach, I know many of the girls have had an open dialogue with their moms that has been both entertaining and purposeful since that night.

One of the moms left that next morning with our girl scout leader for a leadership retreat. One of the things they did, it to plug in an every other year schedule with each corresponding grade to your Birds and Bees Program. So, it looks like we will be regularly talking with you and scheduling this great, opportunities with your staff for a long time!

Your program is such a blessing and please tell Noel Thank You so very much from all of us!

Heather Ridout

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