Puber-Tea Testimonials, July 2017

July 23, 2017
Leslie Dixon

“Amazing and very informative. The information was age appropriate but fun and engaging. My daughter was a bit embarrassed but felt comfortable enough to engage in the class.” — Kristina Ju

“Very fun, informative, and helpful. I would recommend to all my friends with young daughters.” — A mom

“Wonderful! Kerri was so good with the girls. She was funny and kept the girls engaged and educated.” — A mom

“The class was great. The mom’s and daughters got so much out of the experience. Kerri was a wonderful educator, she was patient and explained everything to the girls and gave them an opportunity to ask questions. Even though many of the mom’s had started the conversation with their daughters they felt they now had the correct information to continue talking with them. Moms mentioned that they learned information they didn’t know and were grateful for the experience with their daughters. [The hostess’ daughter] looked through the handout twice and reminded her mom about things that were covered. We have every intention of following up with Rites of Passage when the girls are 11. A great experience.” — Lori W.

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