Puber-Tea Testimonials, July 2017

July 22, 2017
Leslie Dixon

“An amazing experience. The information was very helpful for both my daughter and myself. It empowered my daughter to know more about her body and puberty and to feel comfortable talking to me.” — A mom

“Even though we have had mini-conversations regarding changes that are going to happen to her body, I believe this class will encourage my daughter to ask more questions and be more informed.” — A mom

“Comforting… It was great to have open communication with my daughter and to help prepare her for the changes she is starting to experience.” — A mom

“Great! My daughters learned a lot about puberty. I feel confident when the time comes. They will get prepared!” — A mom

“Wonderful. Leslie created a very safe environment and encouraged and modeled the importance of communication between mother and daughter.” — A mom

“A great experience to open the communication to answer any questions she might have. Even though I have an older daughter, I feel this daughter now feels confident and so do I about when it’s her turn to go through the changes.” — Diana P.

“Educational and relaxing. A comfortable setting.” — Jennifer D.

“It was a fun and informative interactive discussion about important topics that, personally for me, needed to be done in a special way for my daughter. An awesome way to make it special!” — A mom

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