Notes from the Field: MommyCon OC and the Girl Scouts Volunteer Conference

August 18, 2017
Leslie Dixon

On Saturday, August 12, the Birds & Bees Connection attended two great events at the same time: MommyCon OC and the Girl Scouts of Orange County Volunteer Conference. Founder and Executive Director Leslie Dixon spoke at MommyCon to a room full of eager parents (and more than a few infants and toddlers), while General Manager and Educator Hiromi Hiraoka and Educator Susan Patcha held down the fort with the Girl Scouts. Here are their reports…

leslie dixon mommycon oc 2017

The MommyCon Experience (from Leslie Dixon)

Since this was our first MommyCon, we didn’t quite know what to expect. I imagined a sea of mommy bloggers searching for ideas for the thousands of mommies they blog to; boy was I surprised.

We set up our booth and prepared for the participants to stop by so we could share about my presentation and what our business had to offer. The doors opened, and there they were: a throng of mommies and babies at all ages and stages. These moms (and some dads) were on a mission. We were lucky enough to be situated right next to the queen of cute and adorable hair ribbons—and the official event gift bag distribution spot. Any mom who stopped for either also learned about raising emotionally and sexually healthy children. I was very impressed with most of the moms who had toddlers, as they almost universally shared that they were totally already consciously using proper anatomical terminology.

When it was time for my talk, the room started out with seats filled, but the crowd shifted to the back of the room where there was a big box of toys for the many infants and toddlers present to play with. I have to say that was definitely a new experience. I looked out onto the sea of parents who were waiting patiently for tools and support about how to deal with sensitive topics. I must give everyone who was present credit for understanding the importance of being well informed even at the 0-3years of age—especially since many of them managed to give me their attention while also corralling their little ones.

As much as I enjoy the lecture part of any presentation, I truly look forward to the Q & A. The parents who were present asked a wide range of questions and expressed their concerns, and I’m certain they left feeling their issues had been addressed.

The goal of my presentation, and of our presence at the conference, was to offer support to all parents of young children, giving them the tools and confidence to create a solid foundation of positive self-esteem and healthy body image in their kids. As I reflect back on Saturday, I am sure that those we connected with have the information to be able to be more proactive parents now and in the future.

Download the complimentary eBook we created for this event here- Laying the Foundation: Ages 0-3.


birds and bees girl scouts OC 2017

The Girl Scout Volunteer Conference (from Hiromi Hiraoka)

We were thrilled to be back as an exhibitor at the Girl Scout Volunteer Conference (formerly known as the August Kick-Off). We joined over 400 volunteers, staff, other exhibitors and Girl Scouts at Chapman University to kick off the new membership year in style. We talked to moms and volunteers with girls of all ages – Daisies up through Ambassadors. Our Puber-Tea class for (4th grade girls and their moms) was a big hit, and congratulations to our raffle drawing winner Arlyn Shelton! Arlyn won tuition for herself and her daughter to attend our Puber-Tea class for FREE!

It was a great day connecting with parents and a lot of fun! See you in class!

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