Well, that certainly makes it all less awkward!

December 20, 2015
Leslie Dixon

Hi Leslie! I have been meaning to write to thank you for an amazing class. Caroline really didn’t want to go. She dreaded it actually. Her words at the end though were priceless. As we got into the car, before the doors were even shut she said “Well, that certainly makes it all less awkward! I really want to take the next class mom!”

I could tell during the class she had gone from not wanting to be there, to wanting to ask questions and talk about it. She has had fun explaining to her younger sister things like why to use a washcloth in the shower, how to wash her hair etc. She is enjoying ‘being in the know’ of some of these things 🙂 

So, thank you! It was a very wonderful night for both of us… and we will see you in the next class!

Best, Jennifer

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