Thanks, Gratitude, Appreciation and Mindfulness as Thanksgiving Approaches

November 21, 2017
Leslie Dixon

These are words I understand, yet I sometimes forget they are some of the most meaningful words that can be spoken.

I have found while practicing mindfulness those words and their meaning have a much deeper impact.

It’s been my daily practice to write my appreciations each night before I go to bed, as a reminder of how grateful I am for the many wonderful people and things in my life.

My family has decided this year to create “gratitude leaves” on which each of our Thanksgiving guests will write one thing they are grateful for. We will then hang them on our beautiful manzanita tree, where we can all be reminded about the people and things in our lives we appreciate.

I started the Birds & Bees Connection almost 16 years ago, and even when times are challenging, I’m always grateful for the experience and privilege of teaching my classes and the connections I’ve made with parents and kids.

My Gratitude list for Thanksgiving 2017 (I invite everyone to make their own). I am grateful for…

  • being in business for more than 15 years
  • having had the privilege of being part of thousands of parents’ and kids’ lives
  • getting to demystify a topic that is a challenge to deal with
  • getting to watch parents and kids transform before my eyes, from “scared and fearful” to “empowered and informed”
  • all of the parents who have been brave enough to sign themselves and their children up for our Puber-Tea and Guy Talk classes
  • every parent who has submitted a testimonial, liked us on Facebook or Twitter and referred us to their family and friends
  • every parent who has downloaded our app and shared it with a friend
  • every parent who has downloaded the free eBook or attended a parent-only education presentation
  • all the fathers who came to our classes with their kids, even though a root canal might be preferable
  • all the amazing hosts who, no matter how difficult it was to put together a class, made sure it happened
  • all the kids who have walked into my classes totally resistant to being there and left with smiles and hugs
  • every 4Teens class I’ve taught, where those teens were sure they knew everything and left realizing just maybe someone knew a little bit more than them
  • The Bridge classes, where the teens came in angry at the possibility they were going be totally embarrassed and by the end of the class instead had a deeper connection with their parents
  • those groups of parents and kids who started out in our fourth grade classes and continued through 4Teens
  • every school, youth and religious organization that believed enough in our philosophy to host our classes
  • all my educators who do an amazing job of teaching and connecting with parents and kids
  • Hiromi, my General Manager, I really appreciate you and totally realize without you I’d be lost
  • Leona, my Marketing Director (A.K.A. Driver of the Social Media Machine), thank God for you because without you there wouldn’t be a social media machine to drive
  • my family, who for the past 30 years has lived with a mother whose single-minded passion was to change the landscape of sex and sexuality
  • to me for never giving up on my dream to transform the United States into a society that embraces sexuality in a healthy, non-fearful way.

From everyone at the Birds & Bees Connection, we wish you and your family a very happy, joyous and grateful Thanksgiving!

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