Catch Birds & Bees Connection Founder Leslie Dixon on “Women Kicking Glass”!

December 19, 2017
The Birds & Bees Connection

Leslie Dixon, Founder and Executive Director of the Birds & Bees Connection, will appear on the “Women Kicking Glass” radio show this Friday, December 22nd. Listen at at 10:00 a.m. to catch host Pattie Grimm talking with Ms. Dixon about the positive things parents are doing to successfully raise their children, stress points women face trying to have it all, the impact on children of being “plugged in” all the time and more.

Leslie Dixon has taught hundreds of courses and shared her unique, comprehensive parent-child programs with tens of thousands of couples throughout Orange and Los Angeles Counties. She has trained a team of certified educators who teach her courses in Southern California and throughout the United States.

Ms. Dixon’s seminars and classes meet the need for connection and communication between parents and children, especially in times of profound transition such as adolescence. Having spent 25 years as a school nurse teaching Family Life, Health Science and Sex Ed., she continually saw the effects of parent-child disconnection. She founded the Birds & Bees Connection in 2002 to bridge that gap and offer tools, information and connections, empowering parents to be a positive and engaged presence in their children’s lives.

Her curricula are used by non-profit organizations, religious organizations, school districts and various youth and athletic organizations, as well as by educators across the United States. Ms. Dixon has embraced the opportunities digital technologies afford, extending her message of education and empowerment through a mobile app for mothers and daughters, which has been accessed around the world and is available on iTunes (Birds & Bees Connection: Girls Part I). Each of her classes is available online as a live, interactive experience or via archived recordings. She is actively authoring and releasing eBooks that complement her classes and she makes many of her presentations available for download.

Ms. Dixon is passionate about creating safe and nurturing spaces where parents and children come together to connect and communicate. Courses empower parents and children through focused time together fostering deep, healthy relationships, which thereby reduce the likelihood of engaging in high-risk behaviors.

“Women Kicking Glass” self-identifies as “The only show for women by women about the issues women want to discuss.” Based on host Pattie Grimm’s book, “Quiet /Women Never Changed History – Be Strong, Stand Up and Stand Out,” the program’s topics range from climbing the corporate ladder to getting “that raise you deserve,” starting your own company or social issues such as protecting children and raising strong girls. 

Visit to learn more about The Birds & Bees Connection, and to listen to Women Kicking Glass.

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