Puber-Tea Testimonials, March 2018

March 6, 2018
Leslie Dixon

“A great way to introduce my daughter to the conversation of puberty. The information was presented in a fun, age appropriate way and was very entertaining. Overall, a terrific bonding experience for my daughter and I.” — Denise M.

“Very beneficial! This class helped start an open dialogue with my daughter about puberty. Great segway!” — Kim C.

“Enlightening. I enjoyed the time with my daughter while she learned about her body. Watching, listening, and talking with her was special.” — Suzie

“Easy. It was clear and concise. We learned so much from eating right to having a period.” — Maria 

“Engaging and gave us an opportunity to discuss our bodies. I also learned about different chemicals to avoid in deodorants (antiperspirants) and resources to find safer products.” — Carissa C.

“Wonderful! We did a mini-conversation before so the info was not totally new. I loved all of the depth and experiencing it with her friends.” — Trina A.

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