mei and her panda from disney pixar's turning red

Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red

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It was Tuesday night, and my grandson and I were looking for a movie to watch on Disney+. We saw the banner for Turning Red. I had no idea what the theme was, but it looked cute. We were about five minutes in before the message became clear. By that time Mei’s panda had emerged, and I thought, “What perfect blog material!”I wondered: …

hes all that netflix

Nurse Leslie’s Review: “He’s All That” on Netflix

Leslie Dixon Blog

It’s now become common: instead of the puberty or sex talk, parents want the “social media” talk. In many of my classes, social media has become an integral part of the curriculum, due to parents’ concerns about situations facing young people today. My updated approach is to challenge both the kids and parents with potential scenarios that can influence and impact …

The Rag Podcast Logo

Leslie’s On “The Rag”

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Our founder, Leslie Dixon, is the guest on the latest episode of “The Rag: Period Posse Podcast.”  The Rag is a podcast that is all about digging into the taboos and making the mysterious a lil more friendly! About half the world experiences menstruation, but for some reason, we treat periods like a spooky secret. No more! Born from the Period …

Mayim Bialik as Blossom

Blossom Blossoms

The Birds & Bees Connection Blog

In search of something to watch on TV, and admittedly desperate for something new, I stumbled across a rerun of Blossom, the TV show from the ‘90s. In this episode Blossom gets her first period. Right up my alley! In the first scene, we see Blossom shopping for tampons and trying to be as invisible as possible. The checkout clerk …

Keep Your Kids Safe by Keeping an Open Dialogue

Video: Keep Your Kids Safe by Keeping an Open Dialogue

Leslie Dixon Blog

If keeping your kids safe is your primary priority, you might be surprised how far keeping an open dialogue goes towards supporting that. Making it safe and comfortable for your kids to come to you about anything means that you’ll be in on what they need help with from the earliest possible minute. Nurse Leslie breaks down why talking to …

harness hormones crop

How to Harness Your Hormones: A Guest Post from Hormonology® Founder Gabrielle Lichterman

Leslie Dixon Blog

Are you a girl or woman with a menstrual cycle who gets frustrated or worried by the sudden changes in mood, energy and health that are linked to your hormones? Ever wish you could go back to a time when you didn’t have a menstrual cycle because the hormone fluctuations that come with it are so annoying or they make …

bullying cyber self esteem

Bullying, Cyber Bullying & Self-Esteem Reflections

Leslie Dixon Blog

Due to everything that has been going on in the news lately we decided to focus on bullying and cyber bullying in February. Our Newsletters have addressed the issue through blogs, especially the one by the Cyber Safety Cop and passing on resource materials that parents can use in future conversations with their children. We’d decided on the February topic …

Facebook Live: Boys, Bullying, Self-Esteem and School Shootings

Facebook Live: Boys, Bullying, Self-Esteem and School Shootings

Leslie Dixon Blog

Inspired by Michael Ian Black‘s opinion piece for the New York Times and a video from Next with Kyle Clark featuring an adult man reflecting on how easily he could have become a school shooter in his teens, Nurse Leslie and Leona Laurie address what we can do for boys to help with the issues feeding some of the harmful …

Clayton Cranford

From Cyber Safety Cop- 10-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Being Bullied: How to Prevent & Respond

Leslie Dixon Blog

A mother and father in Colorado say their 10-year-old daughter committed suicide over video of a fight with an alleged bully. Preventing a tragedy like this comes down to knowing the signs and know how to respond. Ashawnty Davis, was only in fifth grade. Her parents said she was a happy girl until everything changed at the end of October …

periods and cultures

Periods and Different Cultures: A Guest Post from Susan Patcha

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Is the topic of menstruation taboo in some cultures? A mother came to me at the end of her daughter’s Puber-Tea class and thanked me for talking about this topic. She grew up in the Philippines, and no one discussed puberty and periods during her childhood. She had no knowledge about what was happening to her body on the day …