Beyond the Birds & Bees: 4/04/19, Laguna Beach (Anneliese) (Thursday, 7pm-8:30pm)

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Beyond Birds and Bees May 2018

For Parents with Children (all ages) ~ Parents Only

This visual 90-minute presentation is designed specially to help parents with the language and concepts pertaining to “the talk.” This presentation will help parents understand that this subject is an ongoing process. The facilitator will share helpful tools and create a forum for questions and answers.

Why is it an important presentation to take?
This presentation is important for parents because it’s never too early to start an open and honest conversation with your child. You’ll have a forum to ask questions and come away with tools and tips that make talking with your child much easier in the future.

Did you know? A Harris Poll reported that 90% of parents today want to be the primary sexual educator for their children, but only 4% actually are.

Questions to think about:

  • Why do very young children need to feel comfortable about their sexuality?
  • Why are children entering puberty at a younger age?
  • Why is it important to educate sooner than later?
  • What information do tweens and teens need to make good choices later?
  • Why do parents play such an important part in their child’s sexual development?
  • Why does healthy sexuality play an important part in a child’s self-esteem
    and body image?
Presented by a certified Birds and Bees Connection Educator using our copyrighted materials.

Course Tuition

$25 per person

$40 per couple