Puber-Tween GIRLS: X/X/22, Nowhere (----, 5:00 - 7:30pm)



Mothers and Daughters (ages 10-12) ~ If mother is unable to attend, please contact us.

A 2 ½ hour class for parents and tweens who have not taken any puberty classes in the past.

Puber-Tween is designed for older tweens to help them cope with the physical and emotional changes they are currently experiencing. This class helps them understand these changes are perfectly normal and that everyone goes through them.

*In the girls’ class we discuss periods and the girls make a puberty prep bag out of a “cute little charming purse” (a cosmetic bag) and practice making makeshift sanitary pads out of toilet paper.

Parents receive tools to support their tweens during this major transitional time. A deep connection is established between parent and tween that makes ongoing conversations possible in a safe environment.

This course is taught by a certified Birds and Bees Connection Educator using our copyrighted guidebooks.

Course Tuition

$15  per Couple (Parent & 1 Child)

$15  per Family (Parent & 2 Children)

Register before October 2nd using the Coupon Code TEST01 for a $15 Discount!