Where Babies Come From: 11/12/22, Irvine OTP (Saturday, 10:00am - 12:30pm)



For Parents and Tweens (ages 10-12) ~ Parent/daughter class. 

An informative course that addresses reproduction in a clear and concise manner by generating an open dialogue in a fun and engaging environment.

It’s not unusual for children to be curious about pregnancy and childbirth. Due to social media and peers, the question about “where babies come from” sparks curiosity and questions. As parents, questions like “How did it get in there?” and “Where does the baby come out of?” may trigger some uncertainty and apprehension about how best to answer.

This course will address these questions in an age-appropriate way that will satisfy a child’s inquiries, without misdirecting them or revealing too much. Parents will be given the tools and language to comfortably engage in future conversations.

Taught by a certified Birds and Bees Connection Educator using our copyrighted guidebooks.

Course Tuition

$135  per Couple (Parent & 1 Child)

$175  per Family (Parent & 2 Children)

Register before October 29th using the Coupon Code WB1112 for a $15 Discount!