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Facebook Live: Got a bullying problem? Get good self-esteem!

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Nurse Leslie and Marketing Director Leona Laurie talk about the connection between bullying and self-esteem in this 23-minute Facebook Live video.  Some resources mentioned in this video: Delaney Ruston’s Screenagers movie Bodies in Motion, our class for parents of young children Nurse Leslie’s private coaching sessions Additional resources Emailing Nurse Leslie with questions


A guest post about the documentary “Screenagers,” from Birds & Bees Connection educator Susan Patcha

Leslie Dixon Blog

I recently had an opportunity to view the documentary Screenagers at my children’s middle school. Our principal encouraged parental attendance and inviting our friends to come. I watched the trailer on Facebook and was intrigued to see more. Mother and Pediatrician Delaney Ruston narrates her journey with her teens, particularly her 12-year-old daughter, Tessa. It all started with the desire …