Mayim Bialik as Blossom

Blossom Blossoms

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In search of something to watch on TV, and admittedly desperate for something new, I stumbled across a rerun of Blossom, the TV show from the ‘90s. In this episode Blossom gets her first period. Right up my alley! In the first scene, we see Blossom shopping for tampons and trying to be as invisible as possible. The checkout clerk …

“It Is Only Fear That Gets In the Way” – Harry Potter and Parenting Through Puberty

Leslie Dixon Blog

Yes, I was a big fan of the Harry Potter series. I have all the books and I’ve seen all the movies. So this morning when I was trying to figure out the best method to get a point across about the fear of sex and puberty, I thought of Harry and the fact that everyone — excluding Harry himself —  was terrified …